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We believe that higher education in India needs a systematic focus on teaching excellence.

Members of our faculty are accomplished academicians, researchers, teachers, and agents of social transformation. They share the University's humanistic values and believe in education for social change.

Most of them have Masters and Doctoral degrees from leading Universities within India and abroad, coupled with significant research work, have published papers in international peer-reviewed journals, written books and regularly contribute to magazines and newspapers.They are from disciplines such as Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, History, Law, Political Science, Organizational studies etc. and a keen interest in applying this knowledge to the interdisciplinary domains of education and development. Many of them also come with deep field experience in setting up and running schools, working with grass root organizations, government educational programmes etc. This breadth allows us to offer several interdisciplinary courses as part of the curriculum. Apart from teaching they also are engaged in research projects, with policy issues and institutional reforms in their areas of work.

The University is home to students from very diverse interests, different prior education and experience. Many students are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our faculty are mindful of the challenges as well as the opportunity this presents and are focused on practices that ensure that students are addressed and supported equitably.

The University and its Values

Azim Premji University aspires to develop into a national institution of excellence in education and development. A community of faculty drawn from backgrounds in academics and practice is a central pillar of such an institution. The University encourages openness and transparency in its academic and administrative practices. It has striven to build a collegial and dialogic atmosphere among faculty and students. We expect and encourage every new faculty member to take these goals and values seriously and contribute fully to sustaining a pluralistic and intellectually vibrant institutional space.

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