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Vanamala Viswanatha

Email: [email protected]

Vanamala Viswanatha has been a happy teacher who has taught courses in English language and literature, Indian Literatures in Translation, Translation Studies and Gender Studies to students at different levels in several prestigious institutions in Bangalore, for over three decadesightHH. She is a bilingual academic whose work as a teacher educator at the Regional Institute of English focused on English language pedagogy, while her doctoral research critically delineated the issues involved in the teaching of literature in a first language context, viz. Kannada. Her deep engagement with Kannada culture is evident from her extensive work with radio, TV and print journalism.

Publications and Writings

Vanamala Viswanatha is an award-winning translator, working with Kannada and English. Apart from publishing seminal articles on various issues in English Studies and Translation Studies in both languages, she has translated into English and introduced Sara Aboobacker's Kannada novel (Breaking Ties, Macmillan India,2001) and an anthology of short stories by well-known Kannada writer P. Lankesh (When Stone Melts, 2004, Sahitya Akademi). She has co-edited Routes : Representations of the West in Short Fiction from South India, (Macmillan India,2000) in English and J Krishnamurti's writing into Kannada. She has co-translated U.R. Ananthmurthy's novel Samskara into Swedish ( Samskara - rit for en dod man, Ordfront Forlag, 2001) and Torgny Lindgren's Swedish novel into Kannada (Havina Donku, 2002). Her translation of the vacanas of Akka Mahadevi and other women saint poets, and some select poems of Kannada Dalit poets are being published shortly. Prof.Viswanatha is currently translating the first Kannada social novel Indira Bai for Oxford University Press and Harischandra Kavyam, a 13th century, medieval Kannada work for Harvard University Press, for the Murthy Classical Library of India Series. She has worked as Honorary Director, Centre for Translation, Sahitya Akademi, Bangalore and as Director of the Katha Translation for Equity Network. Prof. Viswanatha is a Member of the Advisory Council, National Translation Mission, National Knowledge Commission, GOI.

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