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University Identity

Azim Premji Foundation’s vision is to contribute to a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. The University is an integral part of the Foundation and works towards fulfilling this vision.

The visual identity of the University represented by our logo articulates this aspiration.

The arc of the gradually blossoming flower symbolizes development from childhood to adulthood through a process of learning, the catalyst in this process being education, which opens doors for a life full of opportunities.

The flower as the metaphor for an evolving individual is made evident through the final shape that the flower acquires in our identity graphic. Human life progresses through a process of learning, action and growth, going beyond boundaries and creating new opportunities. This is captured in the human-flower icon breaking out of the blue rectangle.

In sum, Azim Premji University provides a warm, caring and humane environment for an individual to blossom and grow beyond set boundaries, enabling one to realize ones full potential and build one’s own identity.

In design terms:

The colour blue stands for limitless opportunities.

The box defines the transparent and honest platform that provides for the transformation - the change agent.

The blossoming flower denotes stages of development and growth.

The flower denotes care, tenderness, joy and happiness.

The child icon signifies the transformation - the blossoming.

The orange colour denotes the rising sun - the symbol of warmth, knowledge and progress - that replaces darkness with light The circle or the head pushing beyond the blue rectangle denotes advancement beyond boundaries or limits.

Click here to see a short video clip articulating the design rationale of our visual identity.

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