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Students at Azim Premji University find themselves in a challenging yet fulfilling academic environment. The University programmes seek to provide an experience of not just academic learning but also of growing sensitivity and emotional maturing, sparking a life-long process of exploration. The University envisions education as a journey that enhances and supports the individual’s ability to grow and contribute to society – in an environment that reaches beyond the academic curriculum.

The University’s Social Support Framework is built on the understanding that students’ physical, social and emotional development contribute as much, or more, to their sense of well-being as their intellectual growth. These elements are central to their learning, and not simply ‘nice to have’; students facing significant personal, inter-personal, physical or other challenges are less likely to be fully engaged with the academic program. Thinking about and providing support to address these multiple needs is the task of Students Support Services.

Goal: To create a positive and self-directed student community by providing support, mentorship, development opportunities and spaces to express their leadership and creativity to fulfil their full potential at the University and in society.

The Framework: The Student Support Framework essentially sees the non-academic needs of students in three broad categories:

Keeping the student at the center of the framework, Student Support activities seek to address student needs through: (i) a well thought-out approach to student wellness that includes services for students needing both psychological and medical care; (ii) opportunities for students to participate and contribute to creating a vibrant atmosphere on campus; and (iii) the means to develop skills for both self-reflection and active adoption of leadership roles and responsibilities.

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