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The school has been engaged in several large scale research programmes, within the domain of education. These studies seek to deepen our understanding of issues at the ground level, generate new knowledge and potentially influence policy decisions in education. Some key projects are listed below.

An Evaluation of the Non formal Pre-School education in Medak District: The first six years of a child’s life lays the foundation for lifelong learning and development. The present study has been taken up in response to the need for generating a data-based understanding on pre-school education.

Literacy Research in Indian Languages: The Literacy Research in Indian Languages (LiRIL) project seeks to understand how children acquire and develop literacy skills – and why they fail to acquire these. The research sites are based in Sonale (Maharashtra) and Yadgir, Karnataka. LiRIL is a complex project that attempts to capture longitudinal data on individual children as they move from Grades 1-3. It also involves capturing teaching-learning processes used in the classroom, an analysis of curricular materials, and teacher knowledge and beliefs related to literacy teaching and learning.

A Study of School Leadership in Government Schools in Karnataka: This is a longitudinal study of school leadership in seven districts in Karnataka, with particular focus on government schools. The objectives are to understand:

  • (i) The construct of school leadership in Karnataka, and how leadership gets enacted in schools
  • (ii) the role of structured leadership development programs in developing effective school leaders.

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