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School of Education

Education in its broadest terms is often seen as an endeavour directed at the flourishing of humankind. It is a deliberate initiation into human ways of thinking and knowing, of feeling and of doing. Varying viewpoints about education have found their assertions in a diverse society like India. While one viewpoint positions education as an endeavour towards social justice, another visualizes it as a tool of economic progress

If education is to contribute to human flourishing, the issues concerning aims of education, access and quality of education and the defining socio-economic-political and policy contexts require deep critical questioning and formulation of constructive alternatives. In addition key areas within the broad domain need critical attention; for example areas like early childhood education, curricular studies and pedagogy, educational leadership and inclusive education.

Attempts to improve public education in India depend for their success on the availability of highly capable and committed personnel in substantial numbers. There is a dire need for people (fresh and current practitioners) who can understand education and can assume a variety of responsibilities ranging from classroom teaching to policy formulation to theoretical or conceptual analyses in education.

The School of Education at the Azim Premji University is the broad umbrella under which all its work in the education domain will unfold. The School of Education focuses on the following:

  • Develop and offer M.A. in Education programme and contribute towards development and teaching of other programmes and courses in education.
  • Foster research excellence in these fields by undertaking empirically grounded and methodologically rigorous studies.
  • Critically contribute to the continuing education efforts of the University, through active engagement in capacity enhancement of professionals from the Government and other non-governmental organizations.
  • Support and enable the work of the other schools within the University through the design and delivery of interdisciplinary courses.
  • Undertake key initiatives within specific areas of education that seek to enhance our understanding of education and bring together a network of academics, practitioners and other stakeholders.

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