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Focus Areas

This curriculum can be offered as a general programme or as a programme that permit students to pursue extended exploration in chosen sub-domains of educational theory and practice, while drawing upon concepts, perspectives and skills developed in the core courses. Students can cultivate their interest in specific areas within the larger domain of education studies. These sub- domains, among others, include some well-established areas of educational practice (such as teacher development, curriculum studies), content and pedagogy of school subjects, or foundational areas of educational studies.

The focus area comprises of a set of three elective courses spanning the 3 rd and 4 th semesters. These taught courses constitute a total of 10 credits. Focus areas will also require students to do their third semester six credit field internship over and above the taught courses in that area. In summary, to have completed a focus area, students will have to complete the 3 courses and the field internship on a topic within the focus area (10 + 6 credits). Apart from these three courses they will be free to take up other electives of their choice to accrue the remaining 16 credits.

The following are some of the focus areas. In each year only a limited set of focus areas will be available for students to choose from. This will also subject to a minimum number of students opting for a particular focus areas

  • Science Education
  • Mathematics Education,
  • Social Studies Education,
  • Language and Literature Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • School Organisation and Leadership.

Focus areas in other sub-domains may be added in the subsequent academic years.

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