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The symposium on Childhoods in India: Traditions, Trends and Transformations scheduled for November 19-21, 2015 is organized at the Azim Premji University with the objective to examine childhood in India from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The Symposium aims to facilitate an academic inquiry into what it means to be a child in varying contexts in India. It aims at providing a forum for academics and interventionists to raise theoretical and empirical questions about children and childhood. Changing conceptions of childhood and the multiplicity of contexts that impact them have confounded academics, but have never been sufficiently deliberated in our country. Such a dialogue and debate around childhood can inform and provide direction for policy, research, practice and intervention. It will contribute to development of knowledge in an area –Children and Childhood - that is of central importance to the work of the Azim Premji Foundation and the University. The core course on Child Development and Learning offered as part of the MA in Education programme encourages students to critically examine developmental processes within the socio-cultural perspective. However, the paucity of empirically based literature in the area limits students’ understanding of children’s development and learning in relevant contexts. An anthology of fresh literature that is envisaged as an outcome of the symposium will be a rich source of academic contribution to the discipline in general and the course in particular. Courses in Gender, Sociology of Education, Early Childhood Education and Inclusive Education offered at the University are also likely to benefit from the contributions at the symposium.

The symposium has been designed to bring together academics and practitioners from the field to share common ground for three days and indulge in an engaging dialogue on issues that are of direct relevance to us. Altogether, the symposium aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to knowledge creation in an area that is of central interest and fundamental to bringing about change in children’s education. The event outcomes are foreseen to provide impetus to research and policy and direction for future trajectories in the discipline.

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S. Anandalakshmy, Rohit Dhankar

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