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International and Regional Conferences on “Philosophy of Education”

The School of Education organizes an annual International conference on Philosophy of Education. The University is committed to fostering serious dialogue on issues in education and creating a platform for these discussions. The objective of this conference is to bring together educationists and philosophers of education from across the world to discuss various issues that demand philosophical analysis. The Conference is a means to reach out to people with an interest in this area and to create the much required space to encourage and nurture young scholars in philosophy of education.

Over the last three years the University has organized three International Conferences on Philosophy of Education. These International Conferences are a culmination of a series of Regional Seminars held across the country throughout the year. These regional seminars are an effort to bring the Philosophy of Education discourse to academicians and practitioners in far flung areas of the country.

The International Conference, takes this process further to take stock of trends and character of work that has been done in other parts of the world and to provide exposure to leading contemporary figures in philosophy of education to practitioners in the country. An equally important aspect of this Conference is to start a dialogue between Philosophy of Education and other disciplines that contribute to the study of Education. Some of the leading academics and educationists in India who have shaped the educational discourse in the country have participated in this Conference.

Further details of the conference are available at:

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