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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences at Azim Premji University aims at developing and conducting programmes that will help redefine the Undergraduate learning experience and Teacher Education in India.

The School will:

  • Develop and offer an Undergraduate programme in Economics, Philosophy, History, English, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.
  • Develop and offer integrated Teacher Education programmes
  • Prepare students to become active, self‐directed learners with capacities for critical understanding and thinking.
  • Build a diverse student community, moderating the role of social and economic disadvantage in determining access and outcomes.
  • Bring together students, faculty and mentors to create a vibrant community of learners

Our vision of learning aims to encourage the sensibilities and capacities for understanding and action that are the foundation of a good life. This entails helping our students develop critical thinking and nurture values and sensibilities that inform and motivate ethical behaviour. The programme is aimed at helping students discover a way of life that ensures wellbeing and become responsible national as well as global citizens. Such an education is not one that breeds conformity to the status quo but hopefully a process that is liberating in all the senses of the word.

Education should strive for both personal accomplishment of students in areas of interest and meaningful public engagement. We believe that an education that encourages these will lead to flourishing of individuals and the society at large. This is potentially a creative and often disruptive process that happens not in individual isolation but in dialogue with a community of learners that includes faculty and peers. Such a community, in the Indian context, is not there for the asking but has to be nurtured and built.

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