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Access to Maternal health care: Challenges with lockdown - Sama, Resource Group for Women and Health

The Covid 19 crisis has led to drawing in of all kinds of grass root workers to tackle the epidemic focusing on monitoring and detecting covid cases causing neglect of the other essential service delivery. The suspension of transport facilities and non-availability of ambulances is posing risks to the health and lives of pregnant women, along with various other barriers induced by lockdown. The article through primary interviews highlights how the change of role of frontline workers is affecting delivery of care services for pregnant women and how lockdown has impacted pregnant women’s access to health care. Click here.

From Farm to Food: Distress of a Haryana Based Farmer during Lockdown - Lochan Sharma and Manish Kumar Sharma

This article elicits the case of a farmer from a village in Sonipat (Haryana), his observations on lockdown and the consequent distress. The process of the harvest in maturity, handling, cleaning, sorting, packing, marketing, and selling it to majority households of this country and its export is a long and continuous process entailing involvement of daily wagers and labourers at different steps accordingly. However, the lockdown has brought this process and its elements to a compromise. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcement of 1.7 lakh crore fund allocation for poor and vulnerable, failed to portray a clear picture on how it would be disbursed. The article puts forth the problems faced at every step of taking harvest to the market. Click here.

India’s Villages during the COVID-19 Pandemic- Vikas Rawal, Manish Kumar and Jesim Pais

This is a series posted on a website focussing on the impact of COVID-19 in India and the policies around the pandemic. The series focuses on the state of rural areas during the outbreak. It has a total of fourteen reports as of now. The reports are based on data collected in the field by researchers through a questionnaire/quick assessment. Click here.

The People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI)

PARI is an initiative launched by P. Sainath to bring out stories from rural India to the rest of the world. Their recent series on the effects on COVID-19 on rural landscape consists of 25 moving accounts of people whose living conditions have severely deteriorated due to the nation going into lockdown. It traces the lives of the marginalized who are living a hand-to-mouth existence due to lack of work, are stranded away from home or still continuing to work under extremely hazardous conditions for a lack of choice. Click here.