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Learning Curve April 2021

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This issue highlights ideas of justice, equality, liberty and fraternity – four very lofty ideals which have the power of creating a dynamic society, perhaps changing with the times, but always for the better. It is clear that an all-encompassing concept like citizenship cannot be taught at the macro-level: it has to begin with the family, the smallest yet most significant unit of society, spread concentrically to friends, strangers and finally to the country. This is why the school, especially in the primary years, is considered to be the best place to impress upon our children, who are already citizens at birth, what their attitudes could be if they want to ‘be the change they want to see’.

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Prema Raghunath





Individual Articles

Amman Madan
Different Cultures of Citizenship: Which to Teach?

Arvind Sardana
Citizenship Education: Reflections on Methods


Hridaykant Dewan
Ideals of Citizenship

Rupamanjari Hegde
Constructing Citizenship Through Textbooks


Abhilasha Awasthi
Learning Democracy Through School Practices

Archana R
Responsibility Comes from a Sense of Belonging


Chandrika Muralidhar
Democracy in the Science Classroom

Neha Yadav and Asmyta Tiwari
Solving Real Life Challenges Through Citizenship Education


Adiveppa Kuri
Inclusion: A Basic Right

Anil S Angadiki
Investing Children with Responsibility


Anil Ausha and Sanjay Daniel
Citizens in School: Practices and Reflections

Ankit Shukla
Learning Constitutional Values Through Activities


Asmyta Tiwar
The Preamble in the Classroom

Gururajrao K
Citizenship Education Through Mantri Mandal


Nanda Sharma
When a Poem Opened Doors for Discussion

Praneet Gudladana and Sankalp Koripalli
Citizenship in the Times of a Pandemic


Prashant Mishra
Empowering Others

Radhika Rajanarayan
Inculcating Citizenship Values in Children


Sameera Vasa
Giving Back to Society

Suhail Hameed
School as an Inclusive Space: My Experiences


Usha Prescilla Ambrose
Exploring Gandhian Values Through Theatre

Vijayashree P S
Children Imbibe the Culture of their School


Pooja Vishnoi
School as a Microcosm of Society

Priti David
Using Stories to Sensitise: The PARI Experience


Priya Krishnamurthy
Creating Junior Citizens: Five Common Pathways

Richa Pandey
Inculcating Active Citizenship Through Stories


Ronita Sharma and Shilpi Handa
Be the Change: A Learning Expedition

Sanyukta Saha and Devika Bedi
Exploring Democracy Through Drama


Suman Joshi
Active Citizenship in School

Umashankar Periodi
Citizenship Through Creativity Workshops


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