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Learning Curve December 2020

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This year threw the greatest public health challenge in a hundred years at the human race. We, at the Learning Curve, could not let this pass without recording what was happening on the ground. The issue informs that this churning of the old ‘normal’ may have placed us at the cusp of a hitherto unimagined reality; an opportunity to recalibrate how we must proceed with education – with one eye on the emergent challenges and strategies to deal with these and another to ensure that we fasten down the persistent challenges of equity and equality, now, possibly, for good. A wide range of opinions have been compiled and an exclusive section, VOICES, features the experiences of teachers, students, volunteers and members of NGOs.

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Shefali Tripathi Mehta


Individual Articles

Vimala Ramachandran
Preparing to Reopen Schools | What Needs to be Done

Hridaykant Dewan
Education | Which Way do we Want it to Turn?


Adithya Pradyumna and Kayur Mehta
Perspectives on Child Health and Wellbeing

Aanchal Chomal
Learning Outcomes and Assessment


Ameeta Wattal
Future-Ready Students

B S Rishikesh
Questioning the New Normal | Online Learning


Bhargav Sri Prakash
School Health Programme | A New Model

Deepika Singh and Neha Parti
Voices of Adolescent Girls


Akshatha S Belludi
Learning to Adapt

Anil Kumar Patel
Environmental Studies on Conference Calls


Anil S Angadiki
Using COVID-19 as a Tool for Learning


Fewer Means, Bigger Hearts


Bibi Raza Khanam
Going Digital | Teacher Capacity-Building

Janak Ram
Children’s Learning and the Community | My Experiences


MalaR Natarajan
Teaching and Learning | The Dyslexia Experience


What Did You Learn of the World Today?


Rajashree Nayak
Community Participation in Children’s Learning

Shridhar Rajanal
Online Teacher Development | Exploring New Possibilities


Smriti Rathore Ruchi Kotnala and Monu Kumar
Walking an Unknown Path | Online Learning

Vanya Gupta
My New Schooling Experience


Vardhna Puri, Jyotsna Lall and Hyder Mehdi Rizvi
Innovating Learning | Reinforcing Connections

Yash Kumar Singhal
A Will to Teach and a Will to Learn


Nimrat Khandpur
Online Professional Development Programmes | Reflections

Pinki Solanki
Young Children and Psychological Distress


Pooja Pandey
Digital Education and Children with Disabilities

Rammohan Khanapurkar
Online Learning | Reality in the Hinterlands


Sharon Sylvia
Handling Stress in the Young

  Shobhita Rajagopal and Mukta Gupta
Digital Learning in Government Schools in Rajasthan


Shubham Garg and Vishnu Gopal
Reimagining Education

Tultul Biswas
Community Supported Learning in Rural Areas


Letters to the Editor


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