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Learning Curve August 2020

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There was such a resounding response to the statement Every Child Can Learn that we got many more articles than we had expected, to confirm, if confirmation were needed, that yes, indeed, children can learn and do learn, provided they get the encouragement, support, respect and dignity that is due to them during the process and after. This led to the creation of this, the second part, devoted to the topic. The varied ways in which learning is imparted cover a lot of ground, from the general to the particular. The one thing that comes through in this issue, as in Part 1, is that it is all about children learning and enjoying themselves in the process, rather than acquiring a formal education. Learning self-belief, being valued, getting the required support and reassurance that one does not have to change in order to acquire another’s ideas are all learning- enhancing experiences. Retaining one’s individuality, including in styles of learning, is perfectly acceptable. These and other aspects are discussed in this issue.

Our hard copy may be delayed because of the current situation, however, do browse through the online version, and write to us with your comments at [email protected] or [email protected]


Prema Raghunath


Individual Articles

Amman Madan
Rebuilding Self and Identity in Adivasi Schooling

Anil Singh
Innovating Processes to Help Every Child Learn


Ankur Mandan
Differentiating Instruction | One Size Does NOT Fit All

Asha Singh
Animating Children’s Energy and Engaging Minds


Ritika Gupta
Understanding When and How Children Learn

Shreelata Rao Seshadri
Addressing the Nutritional Needs of School Children


Aditya Gupta
Children are Attracted to TLM as Butterflies to a Garden

Ankit Shukla
Using Fun to Learn


Binay Pattanayak
Learning in a Multilingual Context

Chandra Viswanathan
English for Everyone | Programmes for First-generation Learners


Gomathy Ramamoorthy
Why Children Fear Division

Jagmohan Singh Kathait
Tied with a Single Thread | Children, Community and Teachers


Joyeeta Banerjee
The Idea of Pedagogy of Connect: A strategy

Jyotsna Lall and Hyder Mehdi Rizvi
Language and Arts Interventions|The Nizamuddin Model


Khilendra Kumar
A Discussion on Addiction | From the School to the Market

Kriti Gupta
A Ray of Happiness in the Indian Education System?


Poulami Samanta
Making Learning English Easier

Rashmi Paliwal
Zeroing in on the Zero Score Group


Roshani Dewangan
Language Teaching in Pre-primary Classroom | Reading and Writing

Shailaja Menon
Teaching Early Language and Literacy | The Question of Relevance


Shantha K
Homework Vs Housework | How Some Children Cope

Shivani Taneja
Bringing the Last Child into School


Shubhra Chatterji
Bridging Social Distance Through Curricular Interventions

Srijita Chakraborty
Role of Missions in the Education of Girls


Subir Shukla
Why We Need Responsive Schools

Sudeshna Sinha
Shikshamitra | An Experimental School and Resource Centre


Sunil Kumar
The Second Sex? | A Conversation on Gender in a Rural Classroom

Learning by Experimenting | Why Things Float or Sink


Umashanker Periodi
Nali-Kali | A Step Towards Quality Education for All

V Santhakumar
Will a Skills-Inclusive Education Enable Schooling for All?


Vartul Dhaundiyal
Children’s Literature and Child-Centric Practices


Letters to the Editor


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