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Ideas in Education

Telling Colour by Smell, Memory and Song: The Innovation of Traditional Craft in South India, Annapurna Mamidipudi, Researcher, Deutsches Museum, Munich


A Panel Discussion: The Constitution vs the Politics of Citizenship, Malavika Prasad, Alok Prasanna Kumar, Arun K. Thiruvengadam, Vishnupad (Moderator)


Nine Rupees an Hour: Disappearing Livelihoods of Tamil Nadu, Aparna Karthikeyan, Writer, and Journalist, Chennai


Interlocking of Inequalities, Amit Bhaduri, Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and Visiting Professor, Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Dharwad


Gandhi As I See Him


A Panel Discussion: The Contemporary Relevance of Gandhian Economics


Elites in India's Digital Age: Saviours, Bystanders or Villains? Dr. Ipshita Basu, Associate Professor, University of Westminster, London


EARNEST: Examining the Agroforestry landscape Resilience in India to inform Socioecological Sustainability in the Tropics Dr. Charuta Kulkarni.


How to Use Water Ethics to Address Water Conflicts Prof David Groenfeldt and K. J. Joy.


Love at Sites of Contested Narratives


Data, Surveillance, Privacy & Liberty


Migration & Urbanization in India: The Past, Present and Possible Futures:Chinmay Tumbe, Assistant Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


Highways and Byways: Infrastructure Making in India between Modernizing Agents and Peasant Households During the Great Depression:Dr. Stefan Tetzlaff, Senior Research Fellow in Business History, Godrej Archives, Mumbai

Talks on Mahatma Gandhi and discusses on the book " GANDHI: THE SOUL FORCE WARRIOR who Revolutionized Revolution and Spiritualized it:Pascal Alan Nazareth


Making a Difference: On Becoming a Professional Today: Rajesh Tandon, Founder President, Society for Participatory Research in Asia, New Delhi


Promoting Sustainable Development in Thar Desert: Experiences from URMUL: Arvind Ojha, Head, URMUL Trust, Bikaner


How to think about the role of power in the social sciences: Amit Bhaduri - Part 1, Part 2


Riding Singularities with Second Half Technologies: Vijay Chandru, Chairman, Strand Life Sciences


Gender Differences in STEM Courses and Careers: Kamala Mukunda


India's 3E Regime : Challenges and Opportunities in Employment, Employability and Education: Manish Sabharwal

Philosophy of Education : Seminar

PoE Seminar 2014

The Assessment of Professional Knowledge : Christopher Winch


Epistemic Knowledge and Democratic Politics : Elizabeth Rata


Liberalism and Religion: On Separation and Anticlericalism: Sebastian Rudas Nyara


PoE Seminar 2013

Empirical Research in Education: Why Philosophy Matters : Robin Barrow


Teacher Education: Foundational vs Integrated approaches : Rohit Dhankar


Aims of Education: Philosophical Issues for Educational Research : Richard Pring



Beyond Right to Education: Sachidanand Sinha


Teachers Training

Teacher Motivation: Anurag Behar


Capacity Development Among Teachers: Anurag Behar


Teacher Student & Community : Indu Prasad


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