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CHALK Out : A Student-led Edzine

We are excited to present to you the first ever issue of our new e-zine 'Chalk Out'. This is a teacher student led initiative where we would like to express solidarity with the world of children and start asking questions about the state of education. We hope that the pages of the zine leave you a little more enriched and we look forward wholeheartedly to your responses

For the first issue, 'Online, but is it in-line?', the team brings to you a miscellany of what education during the pandemic looks like.

September 2020


Along with applause for the first issue, came in several suggestions for what the second issue could be about. We found many voices converging on the theme of 'care'. These voices, from our very first education seminar, resonated with us, partly because of the alliteration in the title, but mostly because of the pertinence of this four letter word now more than ever.

This simple four-letter word that spells c-a-r-e is packed with all kinds of meaning. It is the very reason for this zine to come into existence, and also perhaps why you’re here, reading this!

March 2021

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