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At Right Angles March 2018

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This issue of AtRiA welcomes you to the Math Village. Where house numbers, rangoli patterns, piles of fruit and even a child’s amusement device speaks to the instictive mathematician in each of us.

Read about these in Triangular Numbers in Features and the House Number Problem in ClassRoom. Appropriately, many of these problems were prompted by Ramanujan in his village. The Review is of a book which was used to teach a pre-course at the School of Arts and Sciences, Azim Premji University and it syncs perfectly with the theme of finding mathematics in the most unexpected places.

Hone up on how to create a Conjecturing ClassRoom or generate Elementary Cellular Automata! Misconceptions in Fractions and an analysis of common errors in Algebra give an insight into students’ struggles with mathematics and the PullOut, too, focuses on Algebra and how to make a seamless move from Arithmetic to Algebra.

AtRiA now has a GeoGebra Tube account called AtRiATechSpace! We have launched it with two dynamic worksheets based on the Middle School extension problems. is the link to one of them. If anyone has not received the hard copies which used to come to them, please confirm your postal address to [email protected] And we will look for you on AtRiUM our FaceBook page too!


Sneha Titus



Amritanshu Prasad & Vijay Ravikumar
Triangular Numbers


Utpal Mukhopadhyay
Ramanujan and Some Elementary Mathematical Problems


V.G. Tikekar
On the Sums of Powers of Natural Numbers - Part 2

Shailesh Shirali
Stirling Set Numbers & Powers of Integers


The Power Triangle



Anushka Rao Fitzherbert
The conjecturing clasroom

K. Subramaniam
The 'conjoining' Error in School Algebra


Richa Goswami
Misconceptions in Fractions

Moshe stupel & Victor Oxman
An Easy Construction for Harmonic Mean


Prof. K. D. Joshi
Visual Proof of the Two Variables AM - GM Inequality

Bodhideep Joardar
Solution of Ramanujan's Door Number Problem by using Vargaprakriti


Tejash Patel
Using Co-Ordinate Geometry to find GCD and LCM of Two Numbers a & b


Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala
Why does Euclid's Algorithm Works?


Shailesh Shirali
On Divisibility By 27


Swati Sircar, Sneha Titus
LFHC - Newer and Newer Spirals


Is a Parallelogram Ever Not a Paarallelogram?


Shailesh Shirali
Inequalities in Algebra and Geometry - Part 4


Prithwijit De
On an Optimization Problem


Vinay Nair
Fractional Triplets


Shailesh Shirali
How to Prove It


Tech Space

Michael De Villiers
A Cyclic Kepler Quadrilateral & The Golden Ratio


Jonaki B Ghosh & Rohit Adsule
The Elementary Cellular Automata A Journey into the Computational World


Problem Corner

Sneha Titus & R. Athmaraman
Problems of the Middle School

Shailesh Shirali
Adventures in Problem Solving Miscellaneous Problems from the RMOs


Prithwijit De and Shailesh Shirali
Problems for the Senior School

A Minimum Perimeter Problem



Reviewed by: Swati Sircar
Mini Review: Weird Number


Apoorva Khare and Anna Lachowska
Beautiful, Simple, Exact, Crazy


PadmaPriya Shirali
Indroduction to Algebra


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