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At Right Angles March 2015

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The lead feature in the March 2015 issue of AtRiA is based on the theme Proof Without Words. In the Review section, Mark Kleiner discusses Edward Frenkel's Love and Math - the Heart of Hidden Reality. Thomas Lingefjard, in his article Learning Math with a DGE system, addresses a pressing need of teachers using technology in the classroom. This issue features a new author Ali Hussen whose article weaves in algebra, geometry and arithmetic. It also introduces a new series on Low Floor High Ceiling activities.The pullout continues on the Teaching of Geometry (part ii).


Sneha Titus






V G Tikekar
PWW Viviani's theorem

On proofs without words


Ali Ibrahim Hussen
Square roots and cube roots

Shailesh Shirali
'Understanding the formulas for Square roots and cube roots'


Punya Mishra & Gaurav Bhatnagar


In The Classroom

Shailesh Shirali
Generalization And Specialization

A Ramachandran
Angle bisectors in a quadrilateral


Shailesh A Shirali
How to prove it

Swati Sircar & Sneha Titus
Investigations with Pentominoes (Low floor high ceiling tasks)


Tech Space

Thomas Lingefjärd
Learning Mathematics with a DGE System

Problem Corner

Adventures in Problem Solving

R Athmaraman
Middle Problems


Prithwijit De and Shailesh A Shirali
Senior Problems

Extra Problem (Triangle in Rectangle)



Mark Kleiner
Review of "Love and Math"



Padmapriya Shirali
Geometry- II


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