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At Right Angles November 2020

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Beyond Four Walls - Contain a mathematician in a room and you can be sure that some thinking on quadrilaterals will happen! Our second issue during the pandemic has much to keep you absorbed and happily engaged with problems- of the mathematical kind. From age digit reversals to an algorithm for evacuating a room - there is material for every age group. We begin with the all important question: Why Should You Study Mathematics? And we also carry a review of the Classes I-III Sikkim Mathematics Textbooks, the development of which our URC-PDP played such a key role in. Do revert with your feedback on [email protected]


Sneha Titus






Rahul Tikekar
Why Should You Study Mathematics?



James Metz
Age Digit Reversals

Anupama S.M.
BODMAS: Much ado about nothing?


Sachin Vyavahare & Wallace Jacob

Swati Sircar
Definitions changing through time


Mohammad Umar
The Height of a Tree


Student Corner

Uttkarsh Kohli
The Mystical Number 2997 (Kohli’s Number)

Rahil Miraj
Extension of an INMO Geometry Problem


Deens Academy Math Club
The N-Queens Problem

Tech Space

Eyal N. Shavit
Deriving the Golden Ratio Using a Scientific Calculator


Anmol Singh Dhaliwal, Antara Ghosh, Naman Mansukhani
A Cellular Automata Model for Predicting Crowd Movement during Evacuation


Problem Corner

A Ramachandran
Miscellaneous Problems for the Middle School

Prithwijit De & Shailesh Shirali
Problems for the Senior School


A S Rajagopalan
Bisecting the Perimeter of a Triangle using Ruler and Compass

Kousik Sett
A Very Special Congruency Problem


Prithwijit De
Playing with Quadrilaterals



Anupama S.M. and Swati Sircar
Developing Textbooks for Primary Mathematics

Padmapriya Shirali
Finding Mathematics, Playing Mathematics, Experiencing Mathematics


Padmapriya Shirali


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