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At Right Angles July 2020

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The July 2020 issue comes into a strange new world – one in which mathematics appears as a reassuring constant. You will find plenty to take you on a magical, mathematical journey – a tribute to a memorable mathematician, investigations into constructions, discussions of pedagogical issues and great investigations to conduct and problems to solve. Nothing can take away the grimness of the pandemic situation but critical thinking, objective reasoning and sound mathematical understanding can certainly help each one of us be better problem solvers. Our hard copy may be delayed because of the current situation, do browse through the online version, download individual articles or the whole magazine and send in your feedback to [email protected]


Sneha Titus






R Ramanujam
The Mathematical Artist of Play: A Tribute to John Horton Conway


‘A Tribute to John Horton Conway’ – Glossary of terms


Shailesh Shirali
What Can We Construct? – Part 1



James Metz
Working Together

Rakhi Banerjee
Area of Rectangle = Length × Breadth: Conversations with a 9 year old


Victor Oxman & Moshe Stupel
An Angle Bisector in a Right Triangle

Arddhendu Shekhar Dash
The Approach to Teaching Fractions: Misconceptions and More


Haneet Gandhi & Neha Verma
Mathematical Doodling using the what-if-not approach

Anand Prakash
Magic Squares Using Semi-Primes


Ranjit Desai
The Generalised Pythagoras Theorem – Another Proof

A. K. Mallik
A Note on Geometric Construction


Shailesh Shirali
How To Prove It

A. Ramachandran
Relations Among Lengths and Angles in General Parallelograms


Math Space
Triangles to Tetrahedrons and beyond…


Student Corner

Gaurav Chaurasia
Squaring the Circle


Squaring the Circle - Editor’s Note


Soham Purkait
A Property of the Modulo Operation in Number Theory

Rahil Miraj
Pell’s Equation


Druhan R Shah & Rakshitha
Study of an Inequality Problem from an Olympiad – Part 1

Avipsha Nandi
A Friendly Pair of Triangles

Tech Space

Jonaki Ghosh
Dynamic Geometry Software: A Conjecture Making Tool


Problem Corner

A Ramachandran
Middle School Problems Requiring Exhaustive Search

Prithwijit De & Shailesh Shirali
Problems for the Senior School


An ‘Extreme Algebra’ Question

Partial Sum of Consecutive Integers Equal to a Square



Rajat Sharma
A Focus on Fractions – Bringing Researchto the Classroom

Math Space
Arrow Cards


Shashidhar Jagadeeshan
Introducing Numberphile


Padmapriya Shirali
Parallel Lines

The Closing Bracket

The Closing Bracket . . .

A Call for Articles

A Call for Articles


Specific Guidelines for Authors


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