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At Right Angles March 2020

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Vision 2020 – As we move into the 9th year of AtRiA’s existence, we refocus for clarity. The March 2020 issue talks about Breaking Down Barriers: A Mathematical Approach. Launch right into the how and what with B. Sury’s article on Tiresome Paths, Water Gates and Euler’s Formula. But there’s more than networks and circuits here, starting with this issue, we will be focusing sharply on the challenges and difficulties of the average mathematics teacher and hoping to share and discuss strategies to help those who struggle with the nature and pedagogy of mathematics.

We have some wonderful material to draw you in- Conversations on the Greatest Common Divisor, Trials with Triangles, Impossible Triangles on Dot Sheets and some great Search Problems for the Middle School to mention a few. We start a new section called ViewPoint and continue with our photo series Captured Mathematics. TechSpace features the free dynamic geometry software Robocompass and our PullOut is on Angles. Our review this time is on the Mathematics of India.

Our hard copy may be delayed because of the current situation, however, do browse through the online version, download individual articles or the whole magazine and send in your feedback to [email protected]


Shailesh Shirali






B. Sury
Tiresome Paths, Water Gates & Euler’s Formula

Shailesh Shirali
Sums of Cubes



Chika’s Test for Divisibility by 7

Vinay Nair
Trials with Triangles


Haragopal R
Hara’s Triangle and Triple

Math Space
LFHC: Summing V


Ashok Prasad
Conversations on Greatest Common Divisor

Arddhendu Shekhar Dash
Justification of 90° Angle Construction Procedure


Vishak Vikranth
Product Numbers

A Ramachandran
A Word and an Idea


Geometrical Proof of an Application of Ptolemy’s Theorem

Shailesh Shirali
Pretty Power Play


Swati Sircar
Impossible Triangles on Dot Sheets

A. Ramachandran
Triangle Centres – Barycentric Coordinates


Shailesh Shirali
Euler’s Inequality fo the Circumradius and Inradius of a Triangle


Tech Space

M Srinivasan
Introducing Robocompass


Problem Corner

A Ramachandran
Middle School Problems Requiring Exhaustive Search

Prithwijit De & Shailesh Shirali
Problems for the Senior School


Shailesh Shirali
Adventures in Problem Solving

A Ramachandran
Solutions to Search Problems



M. S. Narasimhan
The Mathematics of India by P.P. Divakaran

Shailesh Shirali
The Closing Bracket...


PadmaPriya Shirali


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