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At Right Angles March 2019

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The March 2019 issue is packed with articles for students, teachers and teacher educators of all classes. Striking results are not just reported, they are also explained and justified with proofs. And our sources vary from students to observations from colleagues in mathematics classrooms and mathematical tricks from websites- these are explored and explained.

We hope that you will relish each page of this issue- do send in your feedback to [email protected] in Articles are welcome at the same address, please refer to the Call for Articles at the end of the magazine. Connect with us on our FaceBook page AtRiUM!


Sneha Titus



Shailesh Shirali
Lattice Point Geometry - Part 1

Shailesh Shirali
The Constants of Mathematics - Part 3


Vivek Monteiro
W.W. Sawyer - The Universal Math Teacher



KG Mishra
Addendum to Hill Ciphers

Swati Sircar
Properties of Multiplication


Rahil Miraj
Finding The Number of Ordered Tuples Having a Given LCM

Vinay Nair
Cutting a Square into Equal Parts


Playing With Tiles - Beginning to Tessellate

Swati Sircar & Sneha Titus
LFHC - Squaring the Dots - Think into the Box


Shailesh Shirali
Addendum to Theorem Concerning a Magic Triangle

Adithya Rajesh
Two Striking Number Patterns


James Metz
On Adding Magic Triangles

Shailesh Shirali
PPT Explorations


Sneha Titus
Quilting Explorations by a Mathematics Teacher

Finding the Square Root of a Four-Digit Perfect Square


The Truncated Icosahedron - An Iconic 3-D Shape


Tech Space

Barry Kissane
Taking a Chance with a Graphics Calculator

Bodhideep Joardar
Pythagorean Triples and Composition


Problem Corner

Shailesh Shirali
Adventures in Problem Solving

Prithwijit De & Shailesh Shirali
Problems for the Senior School


A Ramachandran
Problems for the Middle School



Reviewed by Mohan. R
Book Review of W.W. Sawyer's Mathematician's Delight


Padmapriya Shirali
Introduction To Algebra - IV


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