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At Right Angles November 2018

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The November issue has beaten the nay-sayers at their own game with articles that celebrate the joy of doing mathematics through games, stories, applications of mathematics and activities on line and in the classroom. Enjoy our Childrens Day offering at and don’t forget to share feedback at [email protected]

And to top it all, we have not one but two students contributing articles to the Features section, no less! Enjoy a great read!


Sneha Titus



Shuborno Das
Functional Equations Part II

Shuborno Das
Solutions to Practice Problems in Functional Equations – Part I


Shailesh Shirali
The Constants of Mathematics - Part II

The remarkable number e

Rahul Tikekar
Ramanujan: What might have been, if only.



Sandhya Gupta
Shapes With Sutli: The String Game

Haren Sathvik
Arc - Centre Theorem


Satvik U Kaushik
A Note On Armstrong Numbers

Swati Sircar
TearOut: Fun With Dot Sheets


Shailesh Shirali
Geometric Proof of a Trigonometric Identity

Hriday Kant Dewan
Interpretation of Errors In Arithmetic


Some Down-to-Earth Trigonometry

Area Covered By Two Intersecting Circles


Tech Space

Sangeeta Gulati
Mobile Puzzles-Making Sense of Variables and Equations


Problem Corner

A Ramachandran
Problems for the Middle School Problems Related to Divisibility

Prithwijit De
Pigeonhole Principle: Some Applications


Shailesh Shirali
Adventures in Problem Solving

Phoolan Prasad
Mathematics Olympiads In India


Shailesh Shirali
Arsalan’s Amazing Area Problems

A Pythagoras-Style Diophantine Equation And Its Solution


Prithwijit De & Shailesh Shirali
Problems For The Senior School



Reviewed by Venkatesh Onkar
1089 And all that: A Journey into Mathematics by David Acheson

Reviewed by Shashidhar Jagadeeshan
Introducing Steven Strogatz


PadmaPriya Shirali
Approaches To Equations


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