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At Right Angles July 2018

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And it’s out! Most of you would have already received your copy of the July issue of At Right Angles, here’s the official announcement and the link with the welcome news that AtRiA is finally a whole school math resource! The shift all the way to Primary is marked with several new sub-sections in ClassRoom: from Sense-Making in Mathematics – the cover says it all- to TearOut- where all a busy teacher has to do is to tear out a ready made worksheet – complete with facilitator notes- and use it to challenge students to think in fun mathematical ways. As always, PullOut shares strategies and tips on a specific theme, this time we continue our series on Algebra.

And to top it all, we have not one but two students contributing articles to the Features section, no less! Enjoy a great read!


Sneha Titus



Aradhana Anand
Creating Trigonometric Tables

Shuborno Das
Functional Equations Part 1


Shailesh Shirali
Constants of Mathematics Part 1

V G Tikekar
Addendum to Power Triangle



Jagathapu Kasi Rao
Bisecting an Angle Using a Ruler

Shailesh Shirali
On the GCD and LCM of Fractions


Rajagopalan RVS
A Curious Counting Result

Swati Sircar, Sneha Titus
LFHC: Four-telling Quadrilaterals


Swati Sircar
Exploring Properties of Addition with Whole Numbers and Fractions

Shailaja D Sharma
Visual Method for Fraction Multiplication


Rupesh Gesota
Making Sense of Adding Unlike Fractions

Swati Sircar
TearOut: Fun with Dot Sheets


A Ramachandran
Mapping Triangle Shapes

Moshe Stupel and David Fraivert
Formulas for Special Segments in a Triangle


Shailesh Shirali
Theorem Concerning a Magic Triangle

Characterisation of a Right Triangle


Shailesh Shirali
How to Prove it

An Angle-in-a-Quadrilateral Problem


Tech Space

Jonaki B Ghosh & Rohit Adsule
One Dimensional Cellular Automata: The Totalistic Approach


Problem Corner

A Ramachandran
Problems for the Middle School

Sanjib Rudra
Alternative Solution to ‘A Triangle Problem’


Prithwijit De and Shailesh Shirali
Problems for the Senior School

Shailesh Shirali
Adventures in Problem Solving


Prithwijit De
The Odd-Even Tale

The Three Circles Problem


Problem About a Finite Sequence



Reviewed by Sneha Titus
The Gentle Man Who Taught Infinity

Reviewed by Sneha Titus
Mini Review - Numero Friendly Board Games


PadmaPriya Shirali
Introduction to Algebra - II


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