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Research at Azim Premji University is focused on issues that are directly relevant to the work the University is engaged in, and at a broader level, on issues that have social relevance and impact. As part of Azim Premji University’s efforts to strengthen and elevate the state of understanding of societal processes and outcomes, we have an annual Research Funding Programme that promotes inquiry into areas of particular interest to the Foundation, and explores possible responses for some of them.

Under the Research Funding Programme initiated in 2016, we have so far supported over a 100 research projects. In the latest round of Research funding in 2019, the University invited proposals in the following areas that address important issues of public concern:

  1. Education and Allied Areas
  2. Labour, Livelihoods and Employment
  3. Urban Governance and Sustainability

As part of Azim Premji University’s efforts to strengthen and elevate action on climate change, subsequently, a Research Funding Programme was launched in this area. This was designed to promote increased understanding, and to explore possible action and responses to the climate crisis in India in the following dimensions:

  • Climate change education and outreach
  • Climate change policy and action
  • Climate change adaptation in various sectors of development practice

Research Funds are awarded primarily to individuals or teams affiliated with academic institutions, think tanks, NGO’s and other centres of vital research in India. We encourage a diversity of interested applicants in the fields of education, creative arts, development practice, public policy, media, academia, and other areas of relevance to submit proposals. The duration of these research projects is usually between 1-3 years and the size of the research fund is announced specifically for each round.

Announcement of the next round of Research Funding will be shared on the University website shortly.

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