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As part of Azim Premji University’s efforts to strengthen and elevate the state of understanding of societal processes and outcomes, the fifth round of our Research Funding Programme 2020 was launched. Designed to promote inquiry into areas of particular interest to Azim Premji Foundation and to explore possible responses for some of them, this programme strengthens and supplements our existing efforts in these areas. While we are open to any broad consideration within an area, the research should be empirically grounded, and be able to inform practice and policy.

In 2020, we invited high-quality research proposals that examine the significant questions of public concern in the following areas Climate Change Action, Education and Allied Areas, Labour, Livelihoods and Employment, Local Democracy and Urban Governance and Sustainability. We are pleased to announce the awards as below:

Application Serial Number Domain Title of research project Name of Principal Investigator
APU/2020/00393/0526 Climate Change Action Helping avert perverse ecological impacts of climate change mitigation on India's open natural habitats Madhusudan M D
APU/2020/00483/0672 Climate Change Action Mapping freshwater in Lakshadweep Archipelago: towards a Citizen's Charter for Climate Change Rohan Arthur
APU/2020/00816/1212 Climate Change Action Impact of the climate change on the traditional livelihoods of pastorals in Gujarat and their mitigation strategies Varsha Bhagat-Ganguly
APU/2020/01155/1668 Climate Change Action Climate Resource Centre to situate trans-disciplinary action network for localised climate action in Bidar District Shreyas Srivatsa
APU/2020/00512/0715 Education and Allied Areas Impact of Covid-19 on Learning and Behaviour of Children with Special Needs Roopesh Nagaraj
APU/2020/00239/0293 Labour, Livelihoods and Employment Labour Supply Chains in the Construction Industry: Circular Migrants, Contracting, and Covid Aardra Surendran
APU/2020/00726/1060 Labour, Livelihoods and Employment Distaste for Minority Bosses: Discrimination from Below and Its Economic Consequences in Indian Labor Markets Chinmaya Kumar
APU/2020/00530/0740 Labour, Livelihoods and Employment The Effect of COVID-19 and Related State Interventions on Informal Labour Markets in India Sujatha Srinivasan
APU/2020/00349/0446 Labour, Livelihoods and Employment Let Them Eat Rice Aparna Karthikeyan
APU/2020/00706/1023 Labour, Livelihoods and Employment Impact of COVID-19 on existing livelihood of Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM) run SHG's with respect to Urban settings of Maharashtra and Designing Opportunities to cope with the New Normal Kusum Balsaraf
APU/2020/01128/1641 Labour, Livelihoods and Employment Informal employment in India: Dynamics, Determinants and Welfare Implications Vidya Mahambare
APU/2020/00525/0731 Labour, Livelihoods and Employment Assessing the impact of the DDU-GKY scheme on the lives of migrant women workers in the Gurgaon garment industry Rakhi Sehgal
APU/2020/00181/0215 Local Democracy Study of the Institution of Gram Katchahry in Bihar, India Manabendra Nath Roy
APU/2020/00653/0943 Local Democracy An Evaluation of Gram Nyayalayas Mahesh Menon
APU/2020/00771/1135 Local Democracy Unpacking Indigenous Self-Governance amidst FRA: Comparative Insights from Nilambur and Sigur areas of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Jyotsna Krishnakumar
APU/2020/00202/0241 Local Democracy Adaptive Management practices in the governance of CFR areas in Tadoba TR buffer Poorva Joshi
APU/2020/01157/1670 Local Democracy Significance of Indigenous Peoples Self-Governance Practices in Strengthening Access to Justice and Democracy: A Study of Adivasis Traditional Self-Governing Systems in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh Arvind Kumar
APU/2020/01139/1652 Urban Governance and Sustainability Quick response, disaster management assistance to urban governments by harnessing social media Deepthi Chand Alagandula
APU/2020/00433/0592 Urban Governance and Sustainability Need for an urban policy on Khazans - ensuring sustainable and climate resilient urban development Monalisa Sen

Notifications from the Azim Premji University Portal with more information will reach selected researchers on or before March 19, 2021.

Please contact us at [email protected] for any assistance you may require. Kindly refer your application number, name, title of proposal, domain applied under and your registered email id in all enquiries made for assistance to the helpdesk.

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