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Elective courses are designed to build knowledge bases - theoretical, practical or procedural in a particular area of student choice. They are meant to supplement and extend understanding acquired in the core areas through deeper engagement with specific sub domains and / or themes based on student interest

Glimses of Electives *

*Electives offered varies every semester and depends on minimum enrolment and other constraints.
This is only an indicative list.

Cross listed electives

Cross listed electives listed below are open to students across programmes. For example the elective, Advanced Social Research is open to the students of both M.A. Education and M.A. Development programmes. The Elective, Understanding health systems and policies are open to both M.A. Development and M.P.G students.

LL.M. Programme Electives

Some of the electives offered in the LL.M. Programme are as below,

M.A. Education (Focus Areas) M.A. Development (Concentrations)

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