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Placement Overview

Azim Premji University has an explicit social purpose. In line with this, our placement objective is to see all our students engaged with and contribute to the social sector, in a variety of roles.

  • As grass root field practitioners on the ground where their expertise and competence is much needed
  • As contributors to policy making, implementation and evaluation
  • As researchers adding to knowledge in their chosen domains
Opportunities in the Social Sector

The social sector today offers a variety of exciting career opportunities for students with a desire to contribute to the development of the country. These opportunities cut across a very diverse range of roles from “on the ground” interventions, program management, policy related work, teaching / capacity building, technology, legal work etc., each of these requiring specific competencies. In addition, social entrepreneurs capable of innovative thinking are needed to ideate, create and implement path-breaking solutions to social problems.

All these are well compensated and probably much more challenging and personally satisfying than opportunities in other sectors.

Placement Record

Over 1700 students in seven batches have graduated and we have an excellent placement record. Some key points are highlighted below

  • Over 300 organizations have participated in our campus placements so far. These range from large organizations in the NGO space, small organizations at the grassroots, research institutions, policy bodies, CSRs, quasi-government institutions, schools etc. The number of organizations and offers have grown significantly over the last four years, evidencing that the social sector today needs competent people
  • 90 % of our students are working in the social sector, reflective of their social commitment
  • The average salary for campus placements is in the range of Rs. 25000 – 30000 per month. Students with prior experience get higher compensation.
  • Students also choose to pursue higher studies or pursue fellowships of interest to them
Placement Committee

The placement process is owned by the Placement Committee. Students, faculty and other members come together to form the committee. The committee decides on all key aspects of the placement process that include

  • Deciding on the placement calendar and setting the norms for placement
  • Identifying opportunities for jobs, fellowships, higher studies and communicating with the student body and organizations
  • Conducting placement events like practitioner lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Training on soft skills; communication, identifying interest areas, interview skills, resume building etc.
  • Anchoring all communication with the recruiting organizations, facilitating smooth operations during pre-placement talks, interviews coordination and final offers stage processes.
Placement Process

Organizations that participate in the campus placement process are provided with the placement brochure that includes details of students. They are required to give to a pre placement presentation about the organization, roles available and other details. Based on this interested students attend interviews with them.

Placement Calendar

Typically, the placement process starts in February and ends in June of each year.

During this period there are specific placement weeks during which organizations are invited to be on campus. Organizations that may not be able to be on campus during the placement weeks are accommodated on mutually convenient days.

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