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Field Connect

The Azim Premji University and the field institutes are two integral parts of the Azim Premji Foundation. The University as an institution focuses on creating new talent, research and capacity enhancement of practicing functionaries through its continuing education programmes. The Foundation has State Institutes in the capitals of select Indian states and several District Institutes within these states, each having dedicated teams. They work at the grass root level, closely engaging with the government education system, working on capacity building of teachers, head teachers and other functionaries at the district level and state level. It also involves work on curriculum, assessment, educational leadership and management, policy issues and advocacy at the state level.

Currently the field institutions have presence in 7 states which have over 350,000 schools attended by nearly 70 million students. The coverage of the 7 states is done through our 7 State Institutes based in the state capitals and 42 District Institutes.

The combination of deep academic expertise and extensive grass root presence and experience is unique and provides the opportunity to work together and learn from each other. The University is connected to the ground with real issues and the Field Institutions work is supported by the University’s ability to bring academic expertise and in-depth research processes to grassroots level activities.

The University and Field Institutes actively collaborate on various dimensions that include:

  • Capacity Development Programmes
  • Collaborative Research Studies
  • Interactive Platforms for the Education Sector
  • Students Projects
  • Other Collaborative Projects

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