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MANTHAN is the annual research conference organized by the University. The name originated from the desire to ‘MEET ANNUALLY THINK AND ANALYZE’.

MANTHAN provides a space for people from the University as well as Azim Premji Foundation to meet, discuss, and debate different schools of thoughts and perspectives around the twin domains of education and development. It aims to nurture a culture by which the individual learnings can be widely shared; and offer a space to meet, think, analyze and deliberate on issues of common interest. The synergies between theory and practice is strengthened through partnerships for exciting research projects.

MANTHAN seeks to provide a unique platform for all its members across the organization, including students who wish to share ongoing or completed research work to enrich our learning, catalyze new ideas and collaborations, and move us towards sustained impact. The format of MANTHAN typically includes talks by invited speakers to address plenary sessions; thematic symposia and workshops; poster and paper presentations.

Over the last few years, MANTHAN has been able to foster a culture of research within the University with an exciting line up of interesting speakers, presentations and activities.

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