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The 6th Annual International Conference of the Comparative Education Society of India (CESI) is being held at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru on 14-16 December 2015. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Education: Domination, Emancipation and Dignity' and is about the double-edged character of education.

Emancipation and dignity have begun to draw considerable attention in recent years as central issues in education. This has been accelerated by several social processes, including the emergence of social movements and organizations across India and the world, struggling to improve the conditions in which ordinary people live.

It has been pointed out that educational systems, doctrines and practices could actually be party to the blocking of opportunities and to forcing people into relations of subjugation. Conscious efforts need to be made to ensure that education takes a form which does indeed help in opening up new opportunities and access to resources and builds new relationships that are empowering. A particular concern has been that education may participate in the denial of respect and space for less powerful cultures and communities. The challenge instead is how it could help them find confidence and dignity in their relationships with others. The conference tries to bring together scholars, academics, activists and NGO personnel from across the country to explore the challenges education faces in living up to its historical promise and to engage in a constructive critique of educational systems and processes.

Details of the conference including the theme note, sub-themes and so on are at the CESI website Extended abstracts of about 1500 words which give a detailed idea of the final shape of the paper are invited and should be submitted through the link given at the CESI website.

Last date for submission of extended abstracts 15th July 2015
Confirmation of acceptance of the abstracts/panels: 15th August 2015
Last date for submission of full papers 15th November 2015

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