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Sport and Social Transformation in the 21st Century

Speaker: Dileep Premachandran, Editor-in-Chief, Wisden India

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About the Lecture

Sport, at its best and worst, is a microcosm of life. Whether it’s the role that colonialism played in the emergence of a formidable Caribbean cricket team, or the impact of sporting sanctions on apartheid South Africa, it’s impossible to divorce the playing fields from politics and social change. Half a century ago, most sportsmen were poorly paid serfs. Now, many are multi-millionaires. Sport can unite, as it briefly did South Africa in the 1990s, but it can also cause ructions. In this talk, Dileep Premachandran looks at how sport mirrors societies, and how it can often be a force for positive change.

About the Speaker

Dileep Premachandran is Editor-in-Chief of Wisden India. Prior to that, he spent a decade at ESPN Cricinfo, where he worked as Features Editor and Associate Editor. He was also Asian Cricket correspondent for The Guardian and Sunday Times (London) for more than half a decade. Dileep started his journalism career at the Free Press Journal in Mumbai, writing on sport and politics before Gentleman gave him a column called Replay. He moved to ESPN Cricinfo after having also worked for Cricket Talk and

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