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Culture & Community

Azim Premji University aims to foster a collegial environment in which its members may live, learn and work productively together.

The community it aims to build is characterized by respect for others, cooperation, reflection and dialogue. It fosters a caring attitude marked by concern for persons and relationships, both within the University and outside it, in all one’s transactions. We underscore the importance of building harmonious relationships in the face of dissent and even discord in all our personal and professional relationships.

We believe that it is possible to promote one’s well-being while ensuring the well-being of others in the community. We believe that opportunity for dissent is the guarantee of political voice, but it is only when all persons and groups commit to open dialogue that political and social engagements can result in harmonious outcomes. It is this spirit of dialogue that we value in the present and future members of the University’s community. The standards and expectations of this community are high, as much in the quality of interpersonal relationships as in academic performance.

Academic Integrity

Academic discourse relies on the free expression of all ideas and opinions. Inherent in free expression is mutual respect. Respect for others includes acknowledging material, including ideas, images and language, taken from electronic, text, and visual sources. Teachers respect student work when it reflects independent reflection and analysis. Students show respect for others’ work in part by properly identifying the source of ideas, language, and images taken from other sources. Of course, respect for oneself and for the work of others forbids any copying of another student's work and submitting it as one's own. The University encourages students, faculty and staff members to uphold values of integrity and honesty. The University believes that both giving and receiving bribes/gifts in exchange for favours constitute corrupt practice.


Justice and equity are fundamental guiding principles of the University. Any form of discrimination based on religion, caste, gender, sex, community, beliefs, disability or any other factor unrelated to academic requirements is contrary to the principles of the University

Sexual Harassment

The University seeks to nurture an environment based on respect for individual dignity and space. Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome sexual conduct, unwelcome acts of physical intimacy, unwelcome oral/textual requests for sexual favours, graphic representations of a sexual nature, and other visual, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. The University pro-actively builds awareness on this issue and offers counselling services with regard to sexual attitudes and behaviour. The University also has a sensitive and strong redressal process for sexual harassment involving abuse of authority and for the sexual harassment of students by other students.

Bullying, Intimidation and Ragging

We wish to create and nurture an environment in which every individual is ensured of her right to live with dignity and respect and is free from vulnerability to any kind of bullying, intimidation or ‘ragging.’ The University proactively works towards prevention of such practices and provides a sensitive and strong system of redressal in the event such incidents occur.The University nodal officer for ragging related complaints can be contacted as below:

The University nodal officer for ragging related complaints can be contacted as below:

Name: Ms. Indu Prasad
Email : [email protected]
Phone: 9845053249

The UGC toll free number for complaints against ragging is 1800-180-5522.
[email protected] |
The UGC guidelines on prevention of ragging in higher education institutions is provided here

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    If only life itself was amazing as it is at Azim Premji University. Or perhaps henceforth we could make it.

    Lavanya Murali
    M.A. in Education I Class of 2014

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    Living aspiration, friendship and love through music make life at Azim Premji University beautiful. Here I found freedom in belonging

    Ritu Gopal
    M.A. in Development I Class of 2014

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    The intellectual storehouse that are the students and the faculty. Something we could tap into any time and come out satisfied and stimulated.

    R. Sridhar Rao
    M.A. in Development I Class of 2014