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Ajita Raghavendra

Email:[email protected]

Ajita started his career in education as a school teacher for primary kids. Apart from teaching regular subjects, his areas of engagement with children also included engaging in deliberation with them when conflicts arise in the classroom or outside. During this time he also worked on a paper on expanding the definition of violence and the place of violence in education.

Prior to joining the Azim Premji University, he worked as a School director in Nagapattinam. During his time as the director, he engaged in the creation and promotion of an organizational culture based on respect, responsibility, collective ownership and deliberative democracy. In this role, he had the opportunity to understand that teacher morale and productivity is not only affected by problems they face in the classrooms but also by organizational leadership and oppressive societal structures. He has attempted to address these to a certain extent in his school. He still assists the school in an advisory capacity.

At present he is deeply interested in Indian Philosophical Traditions and its reflections on human psychology. He is also interested in the conception of knowledge economy by global organizations and the impact of this conception on issues related to school education.

Academic Qualifications

B.E. in Electrical Engineering
M.A. in Elementary Education

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Education
School Leadership and Management

Publications and Writings
  • Ajita, R. Violence and Education, Regional Seminar on Philosophy of Education, Puducherry, 2012.
  • Ajita, R. and Ravi Kiran, C. Liquid Sphere approach to pedagogy, International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, SEAMEO, RECSAM, Malaysia, 2009.
Ajita Raghavendra Faculty At Azim Premji University


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